Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A FAB Fram Christmas Fest Thank You

If you went to the FAB Fram Christmas Fest on Friday evening you will have enjoyed a wonderful night of Christmasy fun. The shops opened late and were offering customers glasses of fizz or mulled wine along with mince pies and sausage rolls aplenty. The shops and market stalls were buzzing with visitors and centre stage we were entertained by excellent Ipswich pipers piping, Rabble Chorus singers singing plus a young man with a harmonica and much much more. Bill Bulstrode's machine filled the night with snowflakes adding a magical atmosphere to the event. 

Not quite topping the bill but there with grateful thanks to the organisers were members of our residents' association paying a humorous tribute to the season with our carol "The Twelve Days Of Planning".

We might not win any prizes for our singing but our short performance was well received and we are grateful to have been given the opportunity to make our point in a festive and fun way. 

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