Monday, 26 October 2015

Decision Day

This coming Thursday 29 October SCDC will decide whether or not to approve Persimmon's second planning application for 95 houses on Mount Pleasant. 

Their first application was refused in February. Persimmon has gone to appeal, which will be heard in January 2016.

This second application was just about to be refused on 8 October by six votes to four when there was an extra-ordinary intervention by the Head of Planning and the Council Solicitor. They claimed members must be aware of privileged legal information before debating the reasons to refuse the application and therefore the decision was deferred until they had been briefed.

Be there to see if democracy still exists at SCDC.
Let us hope that, as our elected representatives, the Committee use their common sense and refuse to be railroaded into a bad decision that will adversely effect Framlingham's future.

8.30 for 9.00am start.
Thursday 29 October 2015
Council Chamber
Suffolk Coastal District Council
Melton Hill
Suffolk IP12 1AU

In the meantime, any questions please email us at:

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