Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Day One

Today was mostly procedural stuff with the afternoon being taken up with Taylor Wimpey's counsel picking over SCDC's five year housing supply...for 3 hours and 15minutes. Consequently, we are now already behind schedule.

Day 2 will be more of the same so we recommend that unless you are absolutely determined to understand the differences between the Liverpool or Sedgefield methods in calculating future housing needs.... save yourself for Day 3 and 4 (Thursday and Friday) where the focus will be on Landscape and Planning (Mount Pleasant) and Historic Townscape and Heritage (Fairfield Road).

If you want to speak about your town you can ask on the day you attend and the Planning Inspector (PI) will try to accommodate you at a convenient time for you and that fits into the schedule.

Everyone should show respect for all participants and remain silent unless invited to speak by the PI. No Heckling.

Members of the public can come and go as they wish.

The Inspector announces a short break mid morning and again in the afternoon. Lunch is for about an hour - when and for how long is at the discretion of the Inspector.

We had a good show of support today, so thank you to those of you that came. As we say, Thursday and Friday will be an easier listen!
It would be magnificent if we could maintain a consistently strong presence over the three weeks. So pace yourselves!

No banners or posters are to be taken into the Council Chamber, however, we have a small button badge which we would like you to wear....just £1 contribution please to the Appeals' fund. Email framresidents@gmail.com and we will ensure you get one.

So please, please join us and help us in this fight for Framlingham.


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