Thursday, 12 February 2015


Be there!

Decision Day is on Monday 16 February 2015, 9.00am at the Council offices on Melton Hill in Woodbridge.
Come and show how strongly you feel about the over development of Fram and the loss of our green fields.  Let us know whether you can attend by emailing us at

Car Sharing
Please email us if you want a lift to the meeting, or can offer someone a lift and we'll put you in touch with each other.

Sign the petition (if you haven't already)
There are four fantastic caf├ęs in Framlingham that have copies of FRAm's petition "say NO to green field site developments"
- The Dancing Goat, Market Hill
- No 10 Tea Rooms, Market Hill
- The Common Room, Bridge Street
- Paddy & Scott's, Well's Close
Pop in, buy some tea (or coffee) and cake, but don't forget to sign the petition (please don't sign it twice - that's cheating).

Thank you
If you have already sent letters of objection, signed the Councillor's "I object" letter and signed the petition, or gone door to door. Thank you.

However, if you have not yet objected....
Mount Pleasant is still accepting comments from the public until this Friday so you can still send in a letter to the Planning Officer, you can print out your own from these links here.
Mount Pleasant's letter
District Councillor's letter:
Membership Form:

Please help us make a difference.

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