Sunday, 15 February 2015

Final Call

This is the Final Call for Decision Day

Monday 16 February is a huge day for the future of Framlingham. If these proposed planning applications are approved it will see our beautiful market town changed forever. Once these green field sites are built on, we can't get them back.

As a member of FRA
m we hope that you will be able to support our fight in person by joining us at the Council offices at 8.30am for 9.00am, Melton Hill, Woodbridge. 

Let us know whether you can attend by emailing us at

Car Sharing
Please email us if you want a lift to the meeting, or can offer someone a lift and we'll put you in touch with each other.

Thank you
If you have already sent letters of objection, signed the Councillor's "I object" letter and signed the petition, or gone door to door. Thank you. 

Please help us make a difference.

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