Sunday, 16 November 2014

Can Fram Cope With 400 More Homes?

If you study the last census statistics on UK Census Data you will see that there were 4,744 residents living in the district in 2011. If you study this further and remove the figures for the outlying parishes such as Saxstead, Dennington and Badingham the total was 3,342. Of these, 240 were living in communal accommodation leaving 3,102 residents living in private households in the town. The average household size was 2.3 persons. This equates to approximately 1,350 households.

At the moment there are plans either approved or under consideration to construct in the region of a further four hundred homes in the town. If all were approved and built this would increase the number of households in the town by a staggering 29.6%. 

This was the scene in the Framlingham Co-op car park one recent Saturday. Cars were circling and leaving without finding a space. Does this indicate that our town can cope with 30% more homes? If each new household has just one car that would be another four hundred cars on already busy roads. A recent survey by Direct Line suggests that the true figure is closer to two cars per typical household - gridlock would be inevitable.

If you agree that Framlingham does not have the capability to accommodate almost another thousand residents, we have prepared a template letter objecting to the Taylor Wimpey development together with a list of all the NAPC members. Both these documents are available to any resident to download from  this link or you can request a copy by emailing us at We urge you all to use the template to create your own letter objecting to the development and send it to as many NAPC members as you are able. The NAPC meeting might be on 12th December so please do not delay.

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