Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Story So Far

It's only a few weeks since the inception of our residents association but already we've caused a stir in the town and attracted hundreds of people's attention to our cause. But we need that to be thousands and for each and every resident of our lovely town to be aware of what is going on in Framlingham's development and to have the opportunity to voice their views.

So who are we? 

We started as a small group of individuals who felt that the number and scale of housing developments being proposed for Fram were beginning to get out of hand and that these plans threatened the delicate balance of our community. Our group ranges from those who are Framlingham through and through and can trace their ancestors back through many generations on the headstones in St Michael's churchyard to those who have moved here more recently. Despite this diversity all share a common love of Fram and a desire for it to develop sensibly and organically.

Are we NIMBY's

Those who object to development on their home ground are often seen as doing so purely out of personal interest. This is not the case with Fram Residents Association as we all understand the need for housing within the UK and realise that progress must be made.

If the proposed Fairfield Rd development goes ahead, this view of Framlingham will be lost forever.
How can you help?

In the first instance, whether for it or against it, please write to your district councillors and voice your opinion on the proposed development in Fairfield Road. The plans will soon be under discussion so your contribution is urgent. Details above. Secondly, if you aren't already on our email list please email or leave a comment below to ensure that you are kept up to date with our news. We hope to publish regular blogs highlighting our concerns for the future of this unique Suffolk market town

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