Monday, 24 November 2014

The Latest SHLAA Map For Framlingham

Every local authority has to prepare a SHLAA (Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment). It is a technical exercise to assess the amount of land that could be made available for housing development. It is part of the evidence base that will inform the plan making process. It must be prepared with involvement of external interests, including house builders, in a "Partnership". Government advice makes clear that areas of countryside and the green belt should not be ruled out of the assessment.

This map (Plan 2) shows all the sites submitted to the District Council. These were subject to discussion and the results of those discussions are noted on the following table which lists each site and its suitability or otherwise for housing together with potential housing capacity and justification.

This leaves us with Plan 3 (below) which shows the sites that are considered theoretically suitable for potential housing by SCDC following consultation with local Government authorities. It excludes sites which have existing Planning Permission or Planning Permission subject to Section 106 agreement (S106 agreements are often referred to as 'developer contributions' along with highway contributions and the Community Infrastructure Levy). 

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