Saturday, 24 January 2015

It's Not Over Until They Say NO!

Monday 19 January was cold, very cold. BBC Radio Suffolk arrived on Market Hill before the sun did. And the day gently unfolded....with a core of about 40 NO campaigners on Fairfield Road, civilly obedient, showing their NO support when the North Area Development Committee arrived to assess the planning proposals.

There were many NO posters displayed throughout the town. Please keep them up. Email us if you haven't got one:

There was also a lot of traffic in evidence. So thank you to those who drove around and/or parked on Fairfield Road and elsewhere in the town.

You managed to give the authorities a grim glimpse of what Fram would be like with even just a small increase in traffic on our roads. So well done everyone.

The committee members walked the field on Fairfield Road for about an hour and then moved onto Mount Pleasant where the core of the NO campaigners were there to meet them.

A member of the Planning Department commented that if no protestors had turned out it would have been read as the community approving the plans. We think we left them in no doubt about our feelings!

The planning applications for Fairfield Road and Mount Pleasant will be decided at an extraordinary meeting probably convened on Monday 16 February. The protocol at Suffolk Coastal's planning meetings state that:

"One objector only is allowed to speak - for up to 3 minutes. (If several people wish to object you should agree, before the meeting, which person will speak for everyone). If this does not happen (or you cannot agree) then we will not be able to let you speak."
A FRAm representative will be speaking. It would strengthen our voice if you formally joined the association. Please email us for a membership form using the following link:

If you feel that particular issues have not been raised to date, please let us know using this link:

Finally, we will let you know details of the meeting when they are confirmed so you can attend in person.

One last thing, please WRITE TO the Councillors on the committee if you have not already done so. Perhaps you could write again reminding them that you want them to say NO to the plans for Fram's green field sites. Email us for their names, address and the key objections:

If you missed The East Anglian Daily Times coverage of Monday's day of civil obedience, use this link:

If you would like to listen again to Framlingham residents being interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk for the Etholle George morning show, please use this link:

It's not over until they say NO.

Thank you again for your support.


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