Saturday, 17 January 2015

Show how you feel!

TWO DAYS TO GO before the members of the planning committee responsible for Framlingham make their site visit to both the Fairfield Road and the Mount Pleasant green field sites.

We are delighted to report that there has been the most incredible uptake to the NO campaign. We are sure that this co-ordinated response will leave the committee members in no doubt what Fram thinks about these green field site planning applications.

REMEMBER that our objective is
 to give the committee a glimpse of the future, a future with an additional 450 homes, 1,000 more residents and hundreds more cars. AND the developers say there will be no impact on the infrastructure of the town!

So in order to illustrate what this glimpse of the future could look like, we are inviting Framlingham town's folk to a morning of civil obedience! This is what we plan to do:

Monday 19 January 2015 from 7.25am until about 11.30am:
• Please drive to Fram and park LEGALLY in Fairfield Road, Fore Street, Mount Pleasant, Station Road, Pembroke Road and Market Hill.

 Join us in Market Hill where we will be talking to BBC Radio Suffolk at 7.25am and 8.40am for our broadcast.

 Please explore the town on foot, frequent our local shops and the zebra crossing on Albert Place!

 Or bring the dog and walk the footpath (parallel to Fairfield Road) from Fram to Brick Lane.

 Then onto Fairfield Road to await the arrival of the North Area Development Committee at 9.30am. We propose to stand 
PEACEFULLY and display our objection to these plans (please note we are not to approach the committee and must allow them to conduct their site visits unimpeded).

 A journalist and photographer from the EADT will be there to record our glimpse into Fram's future.

Then we suggest that members make their way via the Albert Place zebra crossing to Mount Pleasant site where the committee members are expected to inspect the site around 10.30am.

• If you can't find a place to park then please keep DRIVING round until you can.

 It is essential that we do not stop people going about their daily business.

This is our BIG CHANCE to leave the planning committee in no doubt how much damage these ill conceived developments will cause. 
Let’s do everything we can.

See you on Monday!

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