Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Thank You

This was the scene in Fairfield Road yesterday morning as members and supporters of Framlingham Residents' Association turned out in force to welcome some of Suffolk Coastal's planning committee to the town. They were in Fram to inspect the greenfield sites in Fairfield Rd and Mount Pleasant before applications are put before the full committee. 

Our demonstration was peaceful and orderly and generally well received by the motorists inconvenienced by the congestion caused by the increased number of cars in the road. 

We got the media attention that we had hoped for and were joined by both BBC Radio Suffolk and journalists from the local press.

Dog walkers will be among many affected if the plans go ahead.

Community officers were on hand to ease the traffic congestion but this is a daily situation in Fairfield Road and residents usually have to cope without a helpful bobby.

A huge "THANK YOU" to all those who supported our efforts to bring home to the planners the devastating effect that 400 new homes would bring to the town by posting NO posters, parking legally and making your protest visible to those assessing the proposals. With your continued support we will hopefully make the planners see sense.

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